A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Become friends with a little ghost called Ghoster! (i know what an original name)

It's a visual novel that will take less than a  minute to get through, and there's really nothing much to it - i'm just testing out how to use Ren'py with this cute lil ghost :o

I will probably make a real game with Ghoster once i've gotten the hang of making visual novels :D

Discord: https://discord.gg/drSpnbV

Ghoster (in order)


Ghoster 2

Ghoster 3 (W.I.P)

29/052019 - Fixed some dialogue and fixed the end screen so that it actually shows up

03/06/2019 - Fixed dialouge

26/07/2019 - Added Linux & Mac versions/Added language select at the start - English & Spanish (I had to use Google Translate so it might not be perfect, sorry!)


Ghoster! (Win) 13 MB
Ghoster! (Linux) 18 MB
Ghoster! (Mac) 12 MB

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