A downloadable game for Windows

Ghoster is back! What new and improved wonders await in this game?

Game takes about 3 - 4 minutes to complete everything, and there are 5 endings ( Friendless, Leave, Music, Best Friends and Abandon )

You don't have to play the demo first, but you'll get one of the jokes better.  ( And there's a diferent version of the Music End :0 )

Let me know if there's anything wrong with the game and I'll try and fix it :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/drSpnbV


Ghoster 2

Ghoster 3 (W.I.P)


29/05/2019 Fixed some typos

03/06/2019 -  Fixed typos and other text, added an Endings Guide and uploaded the right game (whoops)


Ghoster 2! (Demo) 19 MB
Ghoster 2! (1.1) 24 MB


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